From Unity to Godot, in 5 steps

Do you have a love-hate relationship with Unity?

Are you tired of parallel functionalities such as the render pipeline, input system, dots?


Rediscover your passion for making games with Godot’s simplicity.

In just 5 steps you will be up to date with what you need to know about Godot and get the most out of it.

STEP 1 : Download Godot

One-click and you are ready to go. No login or signup is required. No telemetry or data collection either.

And yes, it supports C#.

Did you know that Godot is less than 100 MB in size?

STEP 2 : Get Started with Tutorials (and yes, there are a LOT)

But Godot has no tutorials!

Nope, it has. Not as many as Unity, of course. But its community of creators is pushing awesome content quite often.

One great source for them is GoGodotJam, the Godot Community’s Biggest Festival. Live workshops, tutorials, interviews, all culminating with one of the biggest gamejams for Godot. This is the GoGodotJam experience. After each installment we aim to add new content to an ever-growing Godot Tutorial Archive.

STEP 3 : Join a Godot-Only Game Jam

What best way to learn on the fly than do a Game Jam is there? And the 3rd edition of GoGodotJam Festival is happening right now.

Join live events, watch new tutorials with their creators and compete in a game jam.

All while spending quality time with the members of the community.

Sounds fun? Then what are you waiting for?

STEP 4 : Find out Godot’s SUPERPOWER

You are probably wondering what differentiates Godot from the other Game Engines.

And yes, the fact that it’s 100% free and you can do what you want with it is a strong point, but it’s not the main one!

It’s the community. People around the world that enjoy using the engine and publish tutorials, create free addons and help others.

Ask anyone in the Godot Community and most likely they will say that people are welcoming, friendly, supportive and easy to approach. Don’t believe me? Find out yourself!

One important place where you can find more great addons, courses, articles and more is GodotExtra.

You will be amazed of what people can do.

STEP 5 : Take it to The Next Level!

If you want to get up to speed fast with Godot, instead of searching for random tutorials on youtube, you might be interested going directly where it makes a difference.

Here is a list of courses and course providers for Godot that will save you time and give you their knowledge properly structured.

By the end of “Ultimate Godot Game AI for Beginners” Course you will implement your own Game AI.

Learn about Decision Making, Pathfinding, AI Agents interactions and more, in one course.

This course also features a full Game AI project which you can reuse for your own games.

Get the course with this coupon:

Use “GODOT-5-STEPS” coupon to get 15% OFF

Other important course provides are GDQuest and CanopyGames.

Enjoy an awesome Game Engine. Welcome to the Community!

That’s it! Enjoy your transition to a great engine. See you in the biggest Community event for Godot – The GoGodotJam!