GoGodotJam – Festival with a Jam | May 2023


1st of May | 16:00 GMT0

Host / MrEliptik

8th of May | 18:00 GMT0

Host / CanopyGames

12th of May | 00:00 GMT0

Host / Jade the Kobold

13th of May | 14:30 GMT0

Host / bitbrain

Implementing a Game AI in Godot

18 May | 19:00 GMT+1

Have you noticed that a LOT of games in Game Jams don’t have AI? Is it hard to implement, to grasp or not needed?

Join me in this live session as we will be implementing an AI System together!

Adrian / Redefine gamedev

The creator of Redefine Gamedev and GoGodotJam, Adrian has always loved creating games. He is not only focused on making, but also sharing a lot of his knowledge left and right to the people seeking more about gamedev.

13th of May | 11:00 GMT0

Host / Jade the Kobold