GoGodotJam – Festival with a Jam | May 2022

Go Godot Jam is going on one-year hiatus.

GoGodotJam3 = GoGodotJam 2022









Why Support?

The Godot Community is a tightly knit one. Most people know each other, support their projects and have a great time together.

And this is what separates Godot from other Game Engines. As most people joining the community keep praising its friendliness and openness.

Unfortunately, the rate of growth of the community is slow. And this has a number of consequences like:

  • Godot not having enough funds to work properly on the engine
  • People choosing other engines because they have more coverage, tutorials, events
  • Developers that are using Godot missing features or updates because the size of the team

Why not head directly to Godot and donate there?

By choosing one of the packages below not only you help Godot but you also help the Godot Creators to make even more great content in form of tutorials, tips & tricks (and more) and this event which aims to become a go-to checkpoint for all Godot Developers and more.

But Godot does fine as it is. Why should I give funds at all?

If you are reading this, most likely you are interested in Godot succeeding. It’s up to us if we want the Engine and its community to succeed in 1, 2, 3 years or 10+ even more. Some content creators might even leave all-together to greener fields.

You can be the change the Godot Community needs.

How Can I Support?

That’s easy, you can scroll down below and you will find the available packages.

Goodies Packs

Each package is labelled as a “Goodies Pack” of various types. You will contribute to Godot, the community and improving this jam but you will also be getting something in return.

From downloadable stuff, discord roles to highlights in the sponsor section. We’ve got some amazing stuff for you.

How Are the Funds Distributed?

50% goes to the Official Godot Team to continue working making our favorite Game Engine.

40% goes to the Event Organizers and Content Creators to continue making this event and provide quality Godot Content.

10% goes to the Prize Pool! That means to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

All Goodie Packs



  • Thank You card
  • GoGodotJam wallpaper pack


  • Supporter Discord role *
  • Highlighted Sponsor on the Sponsors page **

* on the official “GoGodotHub” Discord server
** on the Sponsors page of this website

Silver Goodies pack


  • Silver Supporter Discord role *
  • Entry-Level position on the Sponsors page **

Golden goodies pack


Digital Downloadables

  • Source for the custom “GoGodotBot” Discord bot


  • Gold Supporter Discord role *
  • Middle-Level position on the Sponsors page **
  • Customizable link on the Sponsors page **


  • Front Row Seats at the Official Godot Team Livestream – Limited Offer (more here)

    Diamond Goodies pack [MOST POPULAR]


    Digital Downloadables

    • Source for the custom GoGodotBot Discord bot


    • Featured on the Redefine Gamedev Streams intro (up to 10 streams)
    • Diamond Supporter Discord role *
    • Priority-Level position on the Sponsors page **
    • Customizable link on the Sponsors page **


    • Front Row Seats at the Official Godot Team Livestream – Limited Offer (more here)