GoGodotJam – Festival with a Jam | May 2022

Go Godot Jam is going on one-year hiatus.

GoGodotJam3 = GoGodotJam 2022

Let’s support these Games made with Godot

Franz Fury

FRANZ FURY is a top-down, car combat game. Drive your muscle-car through a post-apocalyptic world. Customize your car with weapons, engines, armor and specials. Unlock new items by beating brutal combat and fun sidemissions. Meet crazy friends and insane enemies on your journey!

Office Point Rescue: Out the Office

Continuing on from the terrorist incident at the Emeraldalo Corporation’s headquarters, Agent Foldon uncovers schemes and projects far more horrific than could be imagined. All was not what it seemed at, or rather below, EMC’s headquarters.


Furcifer’s Fungeon

Furcifer’s Fungeon is a fast-paced wizard roguelite with numerous playable characters. Dodge danger zones and missiles, cast powerful spells and collect magic artifacts. Forge your character build to become more and more powerful and escape the Arcade Hell!


 Dashpong is a fun and modern take on a classic. It’s a high energy and chaotic arcade local multiplayer game! You create physics based paddles by dashing. Score goals by sending your paddles at full speed. Enjoy the game up to 4 players in local multiplayer, or with the Steam Remote Play Together.