GoGodotJam – Festival with a Jam | May 2023




ACB is a hobbyist game developer using Godot! He publishes Godot devlogs, tutorials, and Game Design Tips on his youtube channel. Find ACB_Games on: Youtube, Discord, itch.io



Aknakos is a PhD student in Visual Analytics and hobbyist game developer. Although Aknakos did not make many games, he does like to analyze the technology of making and playing games, especially when considering the future of Godot. Check his channel to see some cool things you can already do or will be able to do in Godot 4! Find Aknakos on: Youtube



Miguel is an indie game developer from Germany. He is using Godot to build his dream RPG featuring dwarves! Occasionally, he also does pixelart and tutorials on Godot Engine. Miguel documents his development process as bitbrain on Youtube. Find Miguel on: Youtube, Discord, Twitter, itch.io


Canopy Games

Founded by Michael Bridges and Yann Burrett in 2019, Canopy Games seeks to deliver the best possible game development tutorials in the best possible way. They’re passionate about education, creating a supportive community and helping people have a great time while teaching. With a track record in both online and offline education, Canopy Games work hard to blend the best in theory and practice so that you can have the best learning journey possible. Find Canopy Games on: Youtube, Discord, Facebook, Website


Jade the Kobold

Jade is a voice actor and game designer who has been working with game jams and conventions for over 15 years. Their advice and expertise tries to lead developers to new and novel ideas, and helps put an outside perspective on works. They also stream games as a videotuber 5 nights a week at kobold.fun and analyse the games as they play them. Find Jade on: Youtube, Discord


John Ivess

John Ivess is an entrepreneur, game developer, YouTube content creator, and pixel artist. Driven by the dream to live in a world where people are not afraid to make their dreams come true, he perpetually seeks to inspire and educate people along the way while learning along the way. He is currently making precise Godot tutorials, informative devlogs, and hosting Art Deviation Jams – which also introduces the behind-the-scenes of a game developer and pixel artist. As a part of his contribution to GoGodotJam, he has also written the guide “Your Perfect Workflow: 10 tips”, which is available for download for free. Find John Ivess on: Youtube, Discord, Twitter


Kasper Frandsen

Kasper is a freelance developer. He’s made the Godot addons ShellFur and Waterways and does video tutorials centred on 3D graphics and shaders. Kasper is currently working with GDQuest on 3D content for Godot Node Essentials. Find Kasper on: Youtube


Lucy Lavend

LucyLavend is an indie game developer and tutorial creator. She likes to practice all the disciplines involved with making videogames: music, programming and art. She’s a big fan of art with clear limitations like pixel art, low poly 3D and chiptune music. The content on her YouTube channel mainly consists out of Godot tutorials, but soon devlogs and pixel art tutorials will also be part of the content she creates. Find Lucy on: Youtube, Twitter, itch.io, Website


Master Albert

He makes okay games.

Find Master Albert on: Youtube



MrEliptik is an indie game developer with a background in embedded computing engineering. He works on his first commercial release: Dashpong, a high-energy local multiplayer game. He also makes videos about his game dev journey on YouTube. Find MrEliptik on: Youtube, Twitter, Discord



Dorothea and Mario from PlayWithFurcifer are an indie game developer couple working on their first commercial game, Furcifer’s Fungeon. Once a week, they publish a video on their YouTube channel, mainly covering the Godot Engine, such as tips, games made with Godot, shader creation and devlogs.

Find PlayWithFurcifer on: Youtube, Twitter



PlugWorld is a game dev, 3D artist, and YouTube content creator. He creates tutorials for Godot on YouTube. He teaches more advanced concepts such as multiplayer and networking, as well as beginner friendly tutorials for making your first game in Godot.

Find PlugWorld on: Youtube, Twitter



Rayuse is a hobbyist game developer with a large interest in new technology. His goal is to provide quality content and valuable resources to the Godot Community. His channel mainly focus on Godot tutorials both 2d and 3d and range from basic game mechanics to online multiplayer games. Find Rayuse on: Youtube, Discord


Redefine Gamedev

Adrian, the creator of Redefine Gamedev, is on a gamedev journey to redefine it. Currently he focuses his efforts into making GoGodotJam the go-to event for the Godot Community.

Find Adrian on: Youtube, Twitter



Skinner Space is a hobbyist game developer. He prefers working on his projects alone and documenting the whole process of development on his YouTube channel. Find SkinnerSpace on: Youtube, Twitter, itch.io