GoGodotJam – Festival with a Jam | May 2023


GoGodotJam 3

GoGodotJam 2

The second edition aims to make the “GoGodotJam” brand a known name in the Godot ecosystem.

November 2021

Improvements from GoGodotJam 1

  • Unified Discord Server for the community
  • Custom Discord Bot that can announce events and more
  • A Fundraiser campaign for Godot, GoGodotJam and the Creators
  • Timezone-adjusted events
  • A new brand identity

New Brand Identity

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About GoGodotJam

GoGodotJam is an Online Festival with a Jam. As the title suggests, it revolves around the Godot Game Engine and its community.

While the main target group is the core Godot audience, the Festival also focuses on bringing new people into game development as well as showcasing Godot as a solid alternative for people looking to switch engines.


  • Raise awareness about the Godot game engine
  • Attract new game developers
  • Attract game developers using other game engines
  • Create quality content about Godot
  • Have fun while developing games

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GoGodotJam 1 (First Edition)

The First Edition took place in May-June 2021 and it was met with a great reception.

The First Edition of the GoGodotJam was announced on the 5th of May 2021 on Youtube (link here) gaining 2500+ views, Godot’s official Subreddit (link here) gaining 540+ upvotes.

On the 11th of May, it was officially announced on the Godot’s main website (link here).

The game jam was hosted using itch.io platform (link here).

All events are hosted on Youtube and can be found following this link.


The events hosted by the Godot Creators focused on tutorials, interviews, experiences, showcasing games and more.

The interviews focused on Godot and Game Development topics. Among the interviewees, there were high-profile youtubers as well as godot game developers and teachers:

– GDQuest Interview (link here) 150.000+ subscribers channel

– Jonas Tyroller (link here) 110.000+ subscribers channel

– Goodgis (link here) 50.000+ subscribers channel

– Gotm.io (link here) Godot Games Hosting Platform

GoGodotJam 1 in Numbers


unique visitors on the main website


participants in the Jam section


games submitted in the Jam


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published content videos