GoGodotJam – Festival with a Jam | May 2023

Prize Policy

Non-Negotiable Rules for All Contestants

Prize Eligibility

  1. You need to be situated on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place in the current edition of GoGodotJam (GoGodotJam 2, November 2021)
  2. Your game needs to be your (and your team’s) work
  3. Your game must follow all Rules in the Jam

Prize Claims

If you win, you will be contacted by the GoGodotJam organizers. You can also reach out yourself to contact@gogodotjam.com or contact@redefinegamedev.com. Together, we will determine what is the best way to receive the payment.

There are only two ways to claim the prize money:

  1. Company invoice (requires you to own a legal company in any country)
  2. Game donation amount on itch.io (does not require a company)

The prize will be given to the team leader (the one who uploads the game on itch).

The prize can be claimed until the 4th of January, 2022 23:59:59 GMT (30 days from the end of the Jam). If the prize is not claimed by this date, the claim will be void.

Payment Amounts

The total amount of prize money will be based on what was earned in the Fundraiser.

The distribution will be as follows:

  1. 1st place: 45% of the prize pool
  2. 2nd place: 32% of the prize pool
  3. 3rd place: 23% of the prize pool

All prize money will be paid in USD.

Taxes & Fees

If you choose the itch.io payment method please note that there will be a 25% VAT payment deducted from the prize money.

If you collect the prize through a company, then you can get the full amount.

Please note that in both cases, you will still be responsible for paying the necessary taxes required by the country of your fiscal residence.

* Other platform fees, conversion rates, will also be deducted from the prize money.