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Pre Jam Events

✔️ May 66:35 PM CESTFrom Unity to Godot – Now it’s the Best Time to SwitchRedefine Gamedev
✔️ May 710:00 PM BSTUnity Dev Discovers GodotTauheed Game Dev
✔️ May 810:30 ESTGodot GameDev QA – Answering YOUR Questions!ACB_Gamez
✔️ May 98:00 CESTUnreal Dev tries Godot For the First TimeKekdot
✔️ May 107:00 PM BST3D in GodotCanopy Games
✔️ May 117:00 PM CESTPart 1: Making a Full Game in Godot – Live Interview with IRIS: A Colorful Dream
Part 2: Playing the DEMO and some Q&A
Redefine Gamedev /
IRIS: A Colorful Dream
✔️ May 128:00 PM CESTThe Magic of GridmapsCanopy Games
✔️ May 136:00 PM CESTGodot GameDev QA – Answering YOUR Questions!ACB_Gamez
✔️ May 1411:00 PM CESTUnity Dev still learning GodotTauheed Game Dev
✔️ May 154:00 PM CESTYour First ShaderPlayWithFurcifer
✔️ May 1612:00 AM CESTWhy Godot’s Portability MattersPlugWorld
✔️ May 173:00 PM CESTLet’s Make Brick Breaker in Full 3D using Godot
Let’s Make Brick Breaker in Full 3D using Godot Part 2
✔️ May 186:00 PM CESTGodot GameDev QA: Answering YOUR Questions!ACB_Gamez
✔️ May 196:05 PM CESTGodot Student Games – Let’s play them!Redefine Gamedev
✔️ May 207:00 PM CESTCreating a 2D Platformer w/ Godot – Live!CodingKaiju
✔️ May 214:00 PM CESTThese 5 pixelart tricks will improve your workflow fast!bitbrain
✔️ May 222:00 AM CEST【Primal Light】A Modern nostalgia tripJade the Kobold
✔️ May 233:00 AM CEST【Hot Springs】Chatting about Game JamsJade the Kobold

Main Event

✔️ May 246:30 PM CESTMain Event Start
(check the page for timezone-adjusted date)
Redefine Gamedev /
Jam Partners
✔️ May 254:00 PM CESTHow I Chose Godot and Why You Should TooJohn Ivess
✔️ May 257:00 PM CESTHow to make your bullets look Awesome in GodotPicster
✔️ May 265:00 PM UTC+210 addons for better game jams in GodotMrEliptik
✔️ May 266:30 PM CESTGDQuest Interview: Gamedev, Godot and YoutubeRedefine Gamedev
✔️ May 265:00 PM PTDev Interview with HiveTime CreatorJade the Kobold
✔️ May 272:00 AM CESTWhy I Switched from Unity to Godot for Pixel Art GamesBitBirdy
✔️ May 276:00 PM CESTGodot GameDev QA – Answering YOUR Questions!ACB_Gamez
✔️ May 286:00 PM CESTGOTM Interview – Powering your Godot GamesRedefine Gamedev
✔️ May 298:00 PM BSTUnity Dev Godot Game Final TouchesTauheed Game Dev
✔️ May 303:00 PM BSTBuilding a complete game in 180 minutes with Godot Engine!bitbrain
✔️ May 306:00 PM CESTHow To Create Diablo-like Particle EffectsPlayWithFurcifer
✔️ May 316:30 PM CESTJonas Tyroller Interview – How to live the Indie DreamRedefine Gamedev
✔️ May 318:00 PM CESTThe 90 Minute Game Challenge!Canopy Games
✔️ June 19:00 PM CESTHow to make 2D water with dynamic waves – Godot TutorialPixelipy
✔️ June 24:00 AM CESTHow to Make Great Animations For Game Jams in Godotjmbiv
✔️ June 24:30 PM ESTGoodgis – Running Your Own Game CompanyRedefine Gamedev

Submission Close

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✔️ June 27:30 PM CESTGoGodot Jam – Playing Your Games!ACB_Gamez
✔️ June 32:00 AM CEST【Go Godot Jam】Playing your games!Jade the Kobold
✔️ June 37:30 PM CESTPlaying Your GamesACB_Gamez
✔️ June 42:00 AM CEST【Go Godot Jam】Live JudgingJade the Kobold
✔️ June 52:00 AM CEST【Go Godot Jam】Game Entry ShowcaseJade the Kobold
✔️ June 62:00 AM CEST【Go Godot Jam】Game Jam GemsJade the Kobold
🚀 June 66:00 PM CEST【Go Godot Jam】Final Day of JudgingJade the Kobold
June 96:30 PM CESTWinner Announcement / Official Jam EndingRedefine Gamedev