GoGodotJam – Festival with a Jam | May 2022

Go Godot Jam is going on one-year hiatus.

GoGodotJam3 = GoGodotJam 2022


For jam dates, check the individual jam pages. Make sure to take into account the timezone difference, when needed.



Jam at your own pace. Join two weekends of fun and learning experiences that will recharge your gamedev journey.

Casual experience

Relax and have fun, with the community!

One week, 2 weekends

A game jam at your own pace. Discover the full dev period that participants of GoGodotJam already love.

Everything Streamed!

Do you want to see your game played live? GoGodotJam has you covered. Join our livestreamers and get feedback.


Windows, OSX, Linux, HTML5? Export on the platform you enjoy the most.

Teams allowed

Team-up with friends, strangers or even solo. Every team combination is possible in the classic edition of the jam!



Do you want a real challenge? Do you like High Risk, High Reward situations? Then, check the ULTRA edition!

Hardcore experience

More restrictions = more fun? Well, they definitely increase the challenge.

72 intense hours

Every second counts. Cut corners, improve efficiency or kill extra features. Your choice, just make it work.

Prizes included

Cash prizes for the winners! 1st, 2nd and 3rd places will get sweet sweet rewards.


Publish online on gotm.io, only web builds are allowed.

Team of ONE

This time go on a solo adventure and prove to yourself how far you’ve reached.


GoGodotJam started as a way to bring Godot’s community together to create more content for the engine – “there are no tutorials for Godot”.

The lack of tutorials and projects is a major factor in keeping beginners away from the engine. When the festival started, we didn’t know how it will be received and if anyone will even join.

Two editions later and over 10k people (for each one!), we are sure that GoGodotJam fills a need in the Godot Community.

We will continue organizing the festival and keep improving it with your help. Your feedback is always appreciated and taken into account. 

Participants from previous editions

Why Participate

Daily Live Streams

I liked that there were daily live streams with different content. It had a virtual convention feel to it.

I LOVED how you all leapt in to do streams and videos. Super community spirit :c)

Positive Feedback

I love how the community has been really positive and proving valuable feedback. The theme was also an excellent choice.

Bigger than Just a Jam

I really like that it is not just about the jam, but a whole festival around Godot, which is great for its ecosystem.